Intelligent Illumination.

Driving efficiency and engagement in commercial environments,
we make light work for your business.


What We Do

We design and manufacture tightly integrated hardware and software solutions for illuminating just about anything. From industrial indication and guidance to intricate interactive displays.

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Industrial Provide visual cues in production environments with our bespoke indication systems for applications such as pace benchmarking, operator alerts and picking guidance. We can incorporate user inputs in a variety of formats as well as custom data logging for process optimisation.

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Logistics Incorporate light guidance into your warehouse environments to assist in picking products, directing vehicles and identifying locations efficiently. Our product designers can work with you to create highly tailored solutions ready to fit seamlessly into your operation.

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Retail Create ultra-immersive displays to engage your audience. Our extensive experience in creating interactive digital displays for some of the biggest names in high-street retail help you could transform your physical presence. If you can dream it, we'll make it happen.

How We Work


Production & Distribution

Global Distribution

Our well proven logistics partnerships enable us to distribute bulk shipments efficiently anywhere in the world.

Mass Production

Our established manufacturing in China is experienced in and fully optimised for continual mass production.

Service and Support

We back up all of our products with in-depth documentation and video as well as worldwide service staff.

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